Making of Bloof Elf Rogue by Zach Fischer design

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A year ago Aoki and I created custom costume for Mia Malkova based on Zach Fischer Blood Elf design. I loved the outfit and also I’ve always wanted to make some of Zach’s designs, so I gladly took this project. It was quite challenging since I’ve never did a full built without actual fitting at all. So, I made a custom mannequinn out of ducktape accodring to Mia’s measurements. I filled it with sintepon. 

Then I made a mockup of the body using some stretch fabric to make an exact pattern before using thicker fabric. Here is the full process of creation of the bodysuit.

All gold ornaments I made out of faux leather, just like I did in my Whitemane costume. I also added lots of shadings on and around gold details with an airbrush.

View from the back with and without cloak.

Shoes and stockings details.

And for the pauldrons I used 5mm EVA foam.

To make the daggers we didn’t use 3d printer because we don’t have it, haha. Aoki made a basic model out of PVC, it took some time to sand and prime it before the model became smooth and neat.

Then he created a mold and casted one pair of daggers.

I painted daggers using Montana paint and airbrush and we incert the LED in them.

And here is the result, I love how it looks on Mia so much. 

I update this article when I get any new photos from Mia.  We really enjoyed making this costume and I hope you found this small article inspiring and helpful.

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