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This year we started to work with video cosplay more deeply. We adore cosplay photoshoots but sometimes we want to show character’s movements, the atmosphere of the locations and everything else that photography can’t show much. This year we made two videos.

One was a collaboration with our friends EpicWInBros, who filmed “Before the Storm” video of Jaina in an amazing Fortress of Ivangorod. We didn’t make a detailed story board, we have just had an idea that Jaina would be observing Lordaeron ruins and then she would decide to do to Kul-Titras. Well, for the first time I thought it was supposed to be Lordaeron, but several comments said it looks like Theramore, Kul’Tiras and etc. Let’s imagine then that these are the ruins of some destroyed Alliance keepings.

Funny fact: we filmed it the day before Blizzard released a comic entry “Reunion”. It was before an updated model of Jaina with an anchor necklace release as well. So that’s why I don’t wear a necklace on the video. I couldn’t have known about it.

And here few backstages.

Later in October, when Battle for Azeroth was already launched I had a collab with WhiteShadowStudios, who filmed and edited a new video. “Warbringers” was our main inspiration for the video story. This time we made a story board and followed a simple script and even I sewed a new robe to make it look similar to “Warbringers”.

The location is “Piligrim Porto” near Moscow, an atmospheric former decoration town of some TV series, which is now used by everyone for shooting and holidays (not for free, of course). One of the hardest things was the weather: it was rainy, wet and cold. Moreover the sun set down before we finished the shooting and we had only one day for filming.

This is our result.

I hope you enjoyed our first live action cosplay projects. Aoki and I want to focus on video cosplay more intensely. Now we film video with our friends, using our own resources, time and money but this is fun. It’s amazing to learn this kind of art through cosplay. Wish to film more videos next year!

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