Jaina Proudmoore

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Created in 2018 

Time spent: 6 weeks

Materials used: leather, pleather, urethane resin, LED, EVA-foam, different fabric

New Jaina outfit debuted in Battle for Azeroth is definitely one of the best designs in WoW to our mind, so creation of this costume was just the matter of time. This costume was quite challenging because of a lot of difficult sewing, leatherwork, mold and cast work for the staff. But all our effort was worth it: we filmed a lot of videos, took a few photoshoots and won “Artisan crafts” category with this costume at Blizzcon Costume Contest 2018.

Check armor patterns for this cosplay in our store.

Before the Storm

Admiral vs Warchief


Live action