Arthas Menethil

World of Warcraft

Created in 2016, remade in 2018

Materials used: urethane resin, Bubblestar, EVA-foam, leather, faux fux, wool

Arthas is an iconic character for most of Warcraft fans and we are not an exception. We’ve been dreaming about this costume since 2013, but we had nether crafting skills nor good materials. The very first version of this costume was created back in 2016, mostly out of EVA foam and thermoplastic and had no chainmail. We’ve remade costume several times since then. The lastest version was presented at Costume Contest at Blizzcon 2018 and won “Large Fabrication” cathegory.

Check “cosplay transformaion” video and the blog entry about the creation of this costume.

Studio (2018)

Fall of the Lich King (2016)

Arthas and Frost Lich Jaina (2017)