Admiral vs Warchief photoshoot

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At the end of May 2018 my friend Elena and I made a photoshoot of Lady Admiral Jaina Proudmoore with the Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner. We were very inspired by the new World of Warcraft expansion and we both had finished costumes. Why to not make a photoshoot together? The main problem was the distance – I’m from St.Petersburg, while Elena lives in Rostov-on-Don. We were quite far from each other, so we’ve met almost in the middle of this distance in Moscow, thanks to our common friend Roberto who made this possible. We chose Tsaritsino park for a photoshoot mostly because of beautiful tower ruins.
It was a very hot and exhausting day but the result was worth it. Special thanks to Aoki and Anerion for huge help during this shooting. 

Photo, edit by Sei

Sylvanas made by Elena Himera

Jaina made by Narga


And here are some backstages.

We’re honored to be featured in World of Warcraft Russian Youtube channel and we filmed a special video few days before the photoshoot. In this video we talk about our costumes, our characters and our expectations from Battle for Azeroth.

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