Who we are?

We are Natalia and Aleksei, cosplay duo from Saint Petersburg, Russia. In cosplay community we are known as Narga and Aoki cosplay. We started cosplaying together in 2008 and cosplay has become our common passion since then. Over these years we’ve created more than 60 different costumes, mostly from video games; and now we are full-time cosplayers. We are trying to make characters as close to original as possible and present results to the world though photography and videography. Cosplay also gives us an opportunity to explore the world, learn new things and meet talented and ispirational people. We’ve visitied more than 15 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa as cospay guests judges and also won a plenty of cosplay competitions in Russia and abroad as participants.
We just love creating things by hand and going to make them as long as we can!

Few more facts about us


Name: Alexei Kochetkov
Birthday: July 7
Actrological sign: Cancer
Height: 6’1
First cosplay: Suigetsu from Naruto Shippuden (made in 2008)
Favourite game: Metal Gear Solid 3
Interests (besides cosplay): sculpting, video games, cold steel arms, cooking, TV shows, animals


Name: Natalia Kochetkova
Birthday: August 7
Actrological sign: Leo
Height: 5’6
First cosplay: Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden (made in 2008)
Favourite game: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Interests (besides cosplay): art, video games, power metal, symphonic metal, cats, makeup, theathre, tea